Iceland Hotels

Iceland hotels generally follow a high standard. In Reykjavik you can find several high quality hotels, most of them conveniently located within easy walking distance of the main shopping district. In downtown Reykjavik, there are luxury hotels with great facilities, spacious rooms and first-class service, that cater to businessmen and discerning tourists. There are also attractive and comfortable hotels in iceland located in quiet residential areas, offering friendly service and relaxed atmosphere, and there are small, friendly hotels and student dormitories.

Outside Reykjavik, all types of hotels can also be found; all around Iceland there are high class conference hotels, quality hotels in beautiful surroundings, Iceland hotels that specialize in winter activities and adventure tours, etc. Click here if you are looking four rated quality four star hotels around Iceland.

Best Hotels in Iceland

Looking for the best hotel in Iceland? Visiting Iceland, whether as a professional or a holidaymaker, your will find your best hotel. If the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, is your mainstay there is a wide array of hotels to choose from. more

Iceland Luxury Hotels

Looking for a luxury hotel in Iceland? Whether you prefer the grand old style, the sleek modern design or something in between, Iceland has the luxury hotel you are looking for. Iceland offers 5-star luxury hotels with class and charm for your holidays, adorned with artwork and history more

Ice Hotel Iceland

Although you might think the Icelandic climate would be perfect for the making of ice hotels, sadly that is not the reality. So to answer the popular question "are there any Ice Hotels in Iceland?" we regret to say NO, there aren't any. In Iceland there are many Hotels that offer the experience of the Icelandic raw nature. We recommend you try a search outside Reykjavik. For example ION hotel, located in the middle of a highly geothermal area.

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